Stephen Amell was born May 8th, 1981, in Toronto, Canada, he is a well-known Canadian actor.

He dreamed of becoming an actor as a teenager. Thanks to his Apollo physique, the casting ladies soon discovered him, which enabled him to land his first role on television at the age of 23 in Queer As Folk. He epitomizes the time in two episodes as a fitness teacher, gay, who does not leave indifferent one of the heroes. Stephen Amell continued a year later with Dante’s Cove, another show featuring a group of homosexual friends in a small town, but this time in the grip of supernatural events. With two American series shot in Canada, his country of origin,  it opened the doors for him for many local productions such as Degrassi, Heartland or ReGenesis. In 2006, he played one of the main characters of Rent-a-Goalie, a comedy about the achievements of a hockey team, a sport he grew up with. The program is pretty successful, public and critical, for 3 years. With this experience, his desire to break out acting wise in the United States is multiplied tenfold.

At first, Amell continues to appear in popular cop shows such as NCIS: Los Angeles, CSI: Crime Scene Investigation: Miami. As of 2011, he got more significant roles. Like, The Vampire Diaries, where he temporarily transforms himself into a werewolf. In the third season of Hung, a drama written by HBO, he enters the skin of a prostituted man, the competitor of the hero incarnated by Thomas Jane. Then he returns to the comedy thanks to New Girl and gives a reply to Amy Brenneman in several episodes of the medical series Private Practice. It is then that he got the role that ended up putting him right in the spotlight. As of 2012, He has been in the emerald archer’s suit on Arrow, the adapted series of the comic books by DC Comics. It has been a great success since its launch on the CW Network channel. The actor’s popularity soars.

On December 25, 2012, he marries the actress and model Cassandra Jean with whom he has a daughter, Mavi, born in 2013.