Will Stephen Amell Return as Green Arrow in the Future?

Arrow is ending after the 8th season, that returns this October, and the Oliver Queen character is confirmed to die during the “Crisis on Infinite Earths” crossover. However, this may not be the last time we get to see actor Stephen Amell suit up. For he has previously given a hint that his time in the Arrowverse wasn’t necessarily at its end.

What do we think that means?, this is what Stephen Amell had to say while he spoke at MegaCon Orlando. When asked if he’d ever reprise the Green Arrow role beyond the series finale, his response was:

“I owe so much to them. So if five years from now they’re wrapping up Show X and they were like, ‘You know what would be the cherry on top of the sundae? Would you come back?’ What am I going to say? ‘No?’ It’s a shitty idea that I’d say no. You do what you can. I owe a lot to people, so if they need something from me, they can always have it.”

Here are some ways that Stephen Amell could return as Oliver Queen/Green Arrow:

  1. Flashbacks, hallucinations, or time travel. Legends of Tomorrow could bring him back some way or another. Then there is Barry Allen/The Flash that seems to mess up timelines, so that could possibly come into play later on down the road. 
  2. Then there is Oliver’s doppelganger that Amell could return as in future crossovers. Having already appeared as Dark Arrow from Earth-X, we can’t rule this out as an option of him playing other alternate versions of the Emerald Archer. Only time will tell at this point.

Arrow returns with new episodes on Tuesday nights this fall on The CW.

Stephen Amell’s One Condition On Playing A DC Character Again After “Arrow”

Stephen Amell has played the Green Arrow since the CW Network show launched back in 2012. Although he says he is willing to reprise his role after Arrow Season 8 brings Oliver’s story to an end, he is not counting out the possibility of playing another DC character, though he does have one condition to that.

“I’d like to play a villain,” Amell said at MCM London. “If I’m going to play a DC character again, it has to be a villain,” the actor said before adding, “I like villains.”

The question was asked about his favorite villain, Amell replied, “General Zod. I watched Superman II with my kid the other day, and it was the best.”

Zod has been played by Michael Shannon in the DC Extended Universe’s Man of Steel and Colin Salmon plays the character on Krypton, it seems unlikely the role will open up any time soon. However, there might be room for Amell to play a different villain at some point in the future.