Site News: Switching Our Site To Being About The “Green Arrow” Himself

We have been going over it in our mind and have decided to make the site all about the Green Arrow himself and the actors who’ve played or currently play him on TV. So look for these big changes to be coming soon.


– The A.G.A. Admin

Arrow News | What’s the Theme for Season 7?

Beth Schwartz (Arrow‘s show-runner), has confirmed that redemption is the ongoing theme of the upcoming 7th season.

At this year’s San Diego Comic-Con, Schwartz stated that the theme will be overarching and will affect more individuals than just Oliver:

“His whole season is about redemption, and all the characters will touch on that as well.”


Arrow News | Who Has Been Cast As The Longbow Hunters?

The CW Network has cast it’s Longbow Hunters for “Arrow” season 7. It was announced at the CW series’ San Diego Comic-Con panel on Saturday (July 21st), that three actors had been cast as the most fearsome of the DC villains who, during Season 7, will be exacting revenge on Oliver’s team on behalf of Ricardo Diaz.  So, who’s playing the recurring roles?

Red Dart (played by Holly Elissa) | She’s described as “a ruthless and precise killer”.



Silencer (played by Miranda Edwards) | Her description is perhaps appropriately enigmatic — she’s “a master of stealth”.




Kodiak (played by Michael Jonsson) | He’s said to be “a beast of a man with brute force”.